Sebastian Kirchner

Music Production & Writing

Sebastian Kirchner was a part of the Trackworks production company based in Berlin. Together with songwriter and musician Annette Humpe they created the popular German band Ich+Ich . As a permanent member of their production and composition team, Sebastian was involved in all three albums the band created between 2004 and 2009.

After their debut album “Ich+Ich” was given platinum status, the second album, “Vom selben Stern”, remained more than 2 years in the (German) album charts selling over 1.4 million copies. Their third album, “Gute Reise”, was close to being just as successful: more than 750 000 copies were sold. Many of their singles have gone gold and platinum…

In 2010 the Ich+Ich team received the “Echo Music Prize” for being the “most successful producer team of the year” and, in 2011, the “Composer’s Award” for popular music by GEMA, (the German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights),

Apart from his work for Ich+Ich Sebastian was also involved with German singer Maya Saban ‘s first album, together with both of Cassandra Steen‘s solo albums, including the gold disk “Darum leben wir“, the platinum single “Stadt“, and the first single of her 2nd album “Gebt alles“. “Stadt” became the most successful airplay song in german radio in 2009.

When „Ich+Ich“s Lead, Adel Tawil, started a solo career, Sebastian continued to work with him as well as others like Albert Hammond, Alex Diel, Benne, Christina Stürmer, Die Prinzen, Glasperlenspiel, Howard Carpendale and many more. He also does film scores.

Recently he has finished tracks with former Archive-Singer Craig Walker who is about to release an Anniversary Album with his irish Indierockband „Power of Dreams“.


Bestes Produzententeam Ich+Ich

GEMA Musikautorenpreis

Komposition Pop

– multiple Gold and Platinum Awards including an ifpi Platinum Europe Award in recognition of European Sales in excess of –